Sonet / SDH / TDM

Sonet / SDH / TDM

Your network should help expand your business, not inflate your budget

The changing demands of most modern businesses call for dedicated connectivity and reliable private communications between multiple business locations at high rates of speed. NexGen Networks supports traditional SONET services that provide dedicated point-to-point circuits with economical, high-availability, and high-bandwidth transmission We specialize in building networks that are capable of seamless flexibility that allows your organization to grow and adapt to changing business climates . The speed and reliability of our SONET services are highly competitive with many costlier network alternatives.

Exceptional flexibility to adjust to your unique specifications

Serving networks of disparate sizes and complexities, NexGen Networks’ dedicated SONET services offer highly flexible solutions with superior speed and uptime. Choose from a wide array of transmissions systems and rates, including T1, DS3, OC3, and OC12, and allow us to customize a solution that fits your needs.

We route your data over our thoroughly reliable SONET protected backbones, supported by network operations centers that monitor and manage the network 24/7 to ensure that you don’t lose productivity due to extended downtime. Our multilingual Customer Care Centers deliver convenient one-contact problem diagnosis and resolution for all network service issues.

Representing our meticulous commitment to a superior customer service experience, our web-based CAC Custumer Access Center portal provides customers with on-demand access to support tools, giving them the ability to:

- Enter and track trouble tickets

- View and Manage circuit inventory

- View Circuit utilization reports

- Review present and past invoice details and account balances

Contact our accomplished team of industry experts today to implement a higher standard of network service.

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