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Through a single private connection, the Extranet links members of the world financial community to each other, enabling them to seamlessly communicate, transact, receive and distribute information.

NexGen’s Extranet connects financial institutions, vendors, integrators, market infrastructures, and utilities worldwide. This is a global community of financial firms  accessing the global financial centers.  Firms are able to migrate their current external online and offline applications to the Extranet.

Connect to leading financial information providers, as well as alternative trading services and electronic communications Networks. Use the Financial Extranet to transact with and among their customers across our community.


Secure, reliable global network           

> Highly available                                       

> Fully managed network connections

> Secure                                                       

> Diverse & Redundant traffic routing


Content providers can choose redundant high-speed circuits terminating at diverse NexGen Networks Extranet gateway nodes or applications hosting directly at NexGen Networks Extranet data centers or DACS's. Clients can choose from a number of methods to access the network, and incorporate tailored levels of diversity and redundancy into their network design.


> Access to content providers

> Audience to any clients

> Delivery of any application

> Native content distribution formats any to any, one to many, many to many & multicast.


Service Level Agreements include the following metrics:

> On-time Provisioning

> Network Availability

> Mean Time to Restore


Redundant network architecture provides transmission uptime that’s virtually bullet-proof. Network Operations Centers monitor and manage the network 24x7, providing real-time problem diagnosis and resolution.

Our multilingual Customer Care Centers deliver convenient one-contact resolution for all network service issues.

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