Mission Statement

The mission of NexGen Networks is to provide the highest standard of network service, attuned to the needs of our clients and backed by an exacting commitment to customer service.

Throughout our long-running partnerships with companies of all shapes and sizes, each with its own unique goals and concerns, and through times of adversity, transformation and prosperity, NexGen Networks has maintained the unyielding commitment to customer service upon which we were founded. The pillars of our renowned customer service approach are:

- Sophisticated understanding of our clients and their industries

- Proactive maintenance and improvement of our networks

- Urgent responsiveness to client concerns

Sophisticated Understanding

Nexgen Networks understands the significance of reliable, high quality data delivery that allows you to focus resources on the attainment of your own mission. The diverse range of products we offer and our discerning, dedicated team of industry experts allow us to comprehensively adapt to your needs. We draw from years of experience and a keen knowledge of the industries we serve, allowing us to meaningfully customize a solution that suits your business.

Maintenance and Improvement of Our Distinctive Services

We have consistently expanded operations around the globe without compromising the standard of excellence we have established in the New York Metropolitan Area. Since our founding, we have regularly strengthened our position with diverse low latency routes into centers of commerce in the Northeast and abroad, utilizing major railways and gas pipelines to create diversity and increased efficiency, thus further reducing route mileage and delay.

Unparalleled Responsiveness and Dedication to Reliability

Our clients can choose from a number of network solutions and incorporate tailored levels of diversity and redundancy into their network design. Our network architecture provides superior transmission uptime, backed by network operations centers that meticulously monitor and manage our networks while providing real-time problem diagnosis and resolution.

NexGen Networks' exceptional dedication and attention to clients is redoubled in trying times. We have conducted workshops and seminars on business continuity and disaster recovery. We work assiduously to ensure connectivity through any contingency. We routinely audit our datacenter and points of presence ahead of storm seasons as precautionary measures, representing our commitment to preventing interruption of our customers' services.

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