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Expanding horizons with robust telecommunications. Founded in 2002, NexGen Networks is one of the nation's most rapidly growing integrated telecommunications carriers.

Serving businesses and enterprises of various sizes in a wide range of industries, we have been able to establish ourselves and grow with the proven ability to deliver dependable, ultra-high speed solutions with an unrivaled customer service focus.

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Succeed at every phase of your Network deployment

NexGen Networks harnesses the power of modern Ethernet technologies to furnish your enterprise with unmatched layer 2 connectivity across your metropolitan locations. Whether you’re looking to deploy point-to-point applications as a superior alternative to outdated TDM/Sonet services, or you aim to establish a point-to-multipoint  setup for streamlined communication across various sites, our Ethernet Metro product is the key.

Every moment of downtime could mark a lost opportunity

You are decidedly not in the waiting game, and NexGen's vigilant team can keep your data flowing without interruption. Our diverse and redundant network architecture provides superior transmission uptime, backed by network operations centers that unremittingly monitor and manage our networks while providing real-time problem diagnosis and resolution. Serving major financial exchanges around the world, NexGen Networks has firmly established itself as a leader in solutions for clients in rapidly evolving financial markets. Our diverse, ultra-low latency solutions are unassailably reliable, providing an unparalleled competitive advantage to our financial markets clients.

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Values that drives us

Innovative Connectivity
NexGen Networks drives innovation with fast, reliable networking solutions for cutting-edge business connectivity.
Client-centric Service
NexGen Networks prioritizes customer satisfaction with personalized service, responsive support, and deep industry-specific solutions.
Resilient Infrastructure
NexGen Networks delivers robust, well-maintained infrastructure for business continuity and digital peace of mind.