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Thank you for your interest in NexGen Networks
services. Feel free to contact us directly:
US Main: 1-212-360-2370 (International Inbound)
UK Main: + 44 203 695 5078 (International Inbound)

Customer Support

NexGen Networks maintains a Service Surround Model for your customer service experience. Our idea is to surround our customers with the service they need in order to be efficient.

Technical Support

US Toll free: 1- 800-310-9077
US Local: 1-212-360-2378
UK Local: +44 203 695 7744
Japan Local: +81 345 780555

Why Nexgen Networks?

Values that drives us

Innovative Connectivity
NexGen Networks drives innovation with fast, reliable networking solutions for cutting-edge business connectivity.
Client-centric Service
NexGen Networks prioritizes customer satisfaction with personalized service, responsive support, and deep industry-specific solutions.
Resilient Infrastructure
NexGen Networks delivers robust, well-maintained infrastructure for business continuity and digital peace of mind.