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A next-generation network that is always in flux and never in doubt

NexGen Networks understands the need for modern organizations to connect and communicate between multiple business locations at high rates of speed. We believe that a properly implemented and managed network is a crucial foundation for the future of any business. That is why we have worked tirelessly and systematically for over ten years to build high-speed, high-capacity connections to centers of commerce around the world.  As it stands, our ultra-low latency network connects financial institutions, financial exchanges, large data centers, media companies, e-commerce companies and various other entities in New York/New Jersey, London, Boston, Chicago, and Toronto, while also establishing connectivity to our greater global backbone.

Since our founding, we have regularly strengthened our network with thousands of metro and long-haul fiber route miles. Our diverse low latency routes that utilize major railways and gas pipelines to create diversity and increased efficiency, thus further reducing route mileage and delay. Our northeast corridor data center connections represent one of the fastest routes available in the market today, and we have consistently expanded operations around the globe without compromising the standard of excellence we have established in the New York Metropolitan Area.

Furthermore, our state-of-the art networks are supported by a commitment to attentiveness and flexibility of service. As telecommunications choices become more rigid and limited, NexGen continues to add new services and products so that we can more specifically meet the needs of a wider range of organizations. Our architectural design allows for the interoperability of a multitude of layer 3 protocols including but not limited to IP, along with the following applications; Data, Video, Trader Voice, VoIP, Trader VoIP, Fix, Multicast traffic, and support for 801.q tagging. Our products supported today include:


Ethernet METRO

Use our Ethernet Metro product in your local Metro Environment to deliver a Point to Point application that enables you to seamlessly extend your Ethernet network beyond the local area.

Ethernet WAN

A natural network solution that extends your corporate LAN over the wide area, combining the reliability and ubiquity of Ethernet with the next generation wide area transport technology.

Ethernet DIA

 A scalable solution that leverages familiar technology to expand seamlessly to meet your company's growing bandwidth requirements.


Uses today’s Ethernet technologies to provide you with seamless layer 2 connectivity to many locations either in an any-to-any or one-to-many topology.

Point to Point SONET

 Support of traditional SONET-based services is also available. We provide traditional services to meet the demands of our clients and their application needs.


  Dark Fiber Solutions 

  Fiber Construction

  Financial Extranet


Network Outsourcing

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