Financial Markets

NexGen Network enables smarter network connections that are reliable enough to support the entire enterprise while reducing the time to market for new offerings and new locations. SDN and SD-WAN flexibility translates into network deployments and changes that take hours rather than months.

Banks can either upgrade their existing MPLS networks or take an all-digital approach from the start. In either case, financial institutions can rely on NexGen Networks to eliminate their network bandwidth constraints, reduce their dependence on MPLS and other legacy approaches, and utilize Nexgen’s facilities to protect branches from outside attacks, such as distributed denial-of-service, malware and advanced persistent threats.

NexGen Network is 100% focused on providing, building and managing networks for its financial service customers, freeing their IT teams to focus on profit-generating activities rather than managing network connections. NexGen Networks can help lower both operating costs and total hardware costs while enhancing network and endpoint security for both employees and customers. Its centralized provisioning and management enable banks to add network bandwidth or services on demand to meet dynamic changes organization-wide.

It is clear that next-generation technology is powering the new applications that underpin digital transformation. The banks and financial institutions that can’t evolve to meet these changing demands will lose business to competitors. Having a modernized network architecture in place is essential.

When nanoseconds are vital commodities, latency is an exorbitant expense.

The sheer speed and volume of financial markets in the age of electronic trading can be daunting for network service providers, but from its inception, NexGen Networks has thrived by keeping pace with the accelerating needs of financial firms. With our global network points of presence and an ultra-low latency network for financial markets, all built to an uncompromising standard, your business can stay ahead of the competition. Our ultra-low latency network connects financial exchanges and large data centers in New York/New Jersey, London, Boston, Chicago, and Toronto, while also establishing connectivity to the NexGen global backbone.

Every moment of downtime could mark a lost opportunity.

You are decidedly not in the waiting game, and NexGen's vigilant team can keep your data flowing without interruption. Our diverse and redundant network architecture provides superior transmission uptime, backed by network operations centers that unremittingly monitor and manage our networks while providing real-time problem diagnosis and resolution. Serving major financial exchanges around the world, NexGen Networks has firmly established itself as a leader in solutions for clients in rapidly evolving financial markets. Our diverse, ultra-low latency solutions are unassailably reliable, providing an unparalleled competitive advantage to our financial markets clients.

We afford our clients an optimal combination of sophisticated capabilities and attentive customer service. Our reach, agility, and keen understanding built upon years of serving financial markets allow us to customize a solution that suits your business. Clients can choose from a number of methods to access the network and incorporate tailored levels of diversity and redundancy into their network design.

 Extranet Services

  • Access to content providers
  • Audience to any clients
  • Delivery of any application
  • Native content distribution formats any to any, one to many, many to many and multicast.

 Guaranteed Performance

 Service Level Agreements include the following metrics:

  • On-time Provisioning
  • Network Availability
  • Mean Time to Restore

Our products include:

Ethernet METRO 
-- u
se our Ethernet Metro product in your local Metro Environment to deliver a Point to Point application that enables you  to seamlessly extend your Ethernet network beyond the local area.

Ethernet WAN 
-- a natural network solution that extends your corporate LAN over the wide area, combining the reliability and ubiquity of Ethernet with the next generation wide area transport technology.

Ethernet DIA 
-- a scalable solution that leverages familiar technology to expand seamlessly to meet your company's growing bandwidth requirements.

Point to Point SONET 
-- support of traditional based Sonet services is also available. We provide traditional services to meet the demands of our clients and their application needs.


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