NexGen Networks Announces New Routes Bypassing the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden to Enhance Global Connectivity

New Network Routes to Boost Security, Resilience, and Performance for International Data Traffic

[New York, June 07, 2024] - NexGen Networks ‘NexGen’, a global digital infrastructure company and premier provider of fiber optic-based network solutions to the world's top global enterprises, announces the deployment of new network routes that bypass the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. This strategic development aims to enhance global connectivity, improve network resilience, and ensure uninterrupted service for our customers worldwide.

The new routes are part of NexGen Networks' ongoing commitment to providing reliable and innovative network solutions. By circumventing the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden, regions known for their geopolitical volatility and maritime risks, NexGen Networks is taking proactive measures to safeguard data traffic and ensure the highest levels of network uptime and security. 

Some of the key benefits of the new routes as highlighted by NexGen:

  • Enhanced Security and Stability: Avoid the high-risk areas of the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden, reducing the potential for service disruptions caused by geopolitical tensions or maritime incidents.
  • Improved Latency and Performance: By optimizing the path of data transmission, the new routes provide improved latency and overall network performance, ensuring faster and more reliable connections for our customers.
  • Increased Network Resilience: This deployment adds a new layer of redundancy to NexGen Networks' global infrastructure, enhancing the resilience and robustness of our services against unforeseen disruptions.

The Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden are critical chokepoints for global data traffic, with a significant portion of the world's subsea cables passing through these regions. However, the geopolitical instability and maritime security risks present challenges for maintaining uninterrupted network services. NexGen Networks' decision to deploy alternative routes underscores their dedication to delivering secure and dependable network services, regardless of external conditions.

"We are excited to introduce these new routes as part of our strategy to enhance global connectivity and ensure the highest standards of service for our customers," said Edward Lawson, SVP of Business Development. "By bypassing the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden, we are proactively addressing the challenges posed by these regions and reinforcing our commitment to network security and reliability."

About NexGen Networks

NexGen Networks is the premier provider of tailored, high-capacity communications services to carrier and enterprise customers. NexGen Networks is committed to delivering cost-effective, custom solutions coupled with superior industry expertise, service and support that allows for unparalleled time to market connectivity. It offers a comprehensive suite of facilities-based services including: Ethernet, SD-WAN, Global Cloud, Global Multi Cloud, Wavelength, Dark Fiber, Internet Access, Colocation and more. Its fiber optic network leverages unique rights-of-way that deliver connectivity to the major metropolitan areas in North America, Europe and the Far East. While consistently building upon its private and public IP and Ethernet expertise and evolving its capabilities to continually meet the needs of its customers, large and small, it has continued to maintain a superior standard of customer service and support.

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