NexGen Networks Drives Strategic Action to Enhance Value and Customer Success

Strategic Initiatives Focused on Technology Advancements, Cybersecurity, and Customer Support

[New York, July 11, 2024] - NexGen Networks ‘NexGen’, a global digital infrastructure company and premier provider of fiber optic-based network solutions to the world's top global enterprises, announces a series of strategic initiatives aimed at enhancing value and ensuring customer success. These initiatives reflect NexGen’s commitment to innovation, quality service, and long-term customer relationships.

In response to the increasing demand for robust digital infrastructure, NexGen Networks is implementing several key actions designed to deliver enhanced performance and reliability:

Expansion of Global Network Footprint.  NexGen Networks is expanding its global network footprint to provide even greater reach and connectivity for its customers. This includes the deployment of new points of presence (POPs) in key markets and upgrading existing infrastructure to support higher bandwidth and lower latency.

Investment in Advanced Technologies. To stay ahead of industry trends and provide cutting-edge solutions, NexGen Networks is investing in advanced technologies that will enable more agile and scalable network services, tailored to the specific needs of customers.

Enhanced Cybersecurity Measures.  Understanding the critical importance of cybersecurity, NexGen Networks is bolstering its security protocols and infrastructure. The company is adopting state-of-the-art security technologies and practices to protect customer data and ensure the integrity of its network.

Commitment to Customer Support.  NexGen Networks is enhancing its customer support services to provide more responsive and personalized assistance. This includes expanding its customer service team and leveraging advanced analytics to anticipate and address customer needs more effectively.

Sustainability Initiatives.  In line with its commitment to corporate responsibility, NexGen Networks is implementing sustainability initiatives aimed at reducing its environmental impact. This includes optimizing energy use in data centers and exploring renewable energy sources.

“We are dedicated to driving strategic actions that not only enhance the value we provide to our customers but also ensure their ongoing success in a competitive market,” said Jeffrey Barth, President of NexGen Networks. “Our investments in technology, security, and customer service are a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation.”

About NexGen Networks

NexGen Networks is the premier provider of tailored, high-capacity communications services to carrier and enterprise customers. NexGen Networks is committed to delivering cost-effective, custom solutions coupled with superior industry expertise, service and support that allows for unparalleled time to market connectivity. It offers a comprehensive suite of facilities-based services including: Ethernet, SD-WAN, Global Cloud, Global Multi Cloud, Wavelength, Dark Fiber, Internet Access, Colocation and more. Its fiber optic network leverages unique rights-of-way that deliver connectivity to the major metropolitan areas in North America, Europe and the Far East. While consistently building upon its private and public IP and Ethernet expertise and evolving its capabilities to continually meet the needs of its customers, large and small, it has continued to maintain a superior standard of customer service and support.

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