PoP Datacenter is Operational and Audit Completed by NexGen

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NexGen Networks completes POP and Datacenter Operational Service Audits

New York, NY, April 15, 2011 – With the summer months ahead and hurricane season fast approaching NexGen has completed its datacenter and POP audits. As you should expect, our Site Operations personnel have taken additional precautionary measures to guard against interruption of our customers services.

"What are some of the measures NexGen Networks is taking?

Verification of site readiness and emergency generator fuel supply. Generators have been tested, levels verified, and backup fuel vendors are on standby in the event of extended power interruption.

Special arrangements have been made to make sure staff is available as necessary to maintain operability standards.

Our Network Operations Centers have set up live news alerts subscriptions from the National Weather Service to ensure we are well aware of potential high-risk times when our customers would potentially be at higher risk of service problems.

NexGen Networks resides in and serves a number of major financial exchanges not only in the New York Metro area but globally as well. NexGen has been a leader in responding to the financial trading industry's growing demand for low latency fiber services. In addition, has managed customized transport solutions.

About NexGen Networks Corp.

NexGen Networks Corp. is a leading integrated telecommunications carrier based in New York, NY with offices in most major cities around the globe. Founded in 2002, NexGen Networks Corp. has built a highly reliable fiber-based low latency infrastructure which it uses to provide its customers private Ethernet, internet, and transport services. NexGen Networks mission is to provide secure and reliable next-generation services that support the critical Communication needs of its commercial customers. For more information visit NexGen Networks Corp. on the Internet:


NexGen Networks Corp. Press Contacts

NexGen Sales Tel: 800-310-2501 sales@nexgen-net.com

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