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New York, NY, February 1st, 2013 It’s been 10 years since we launched the original NexGen Networks brand. Many things have changed.  Our industry has evolved and become more complicated. Technology has changed, and with that, NexGen Networks has changed with it along every step of the way.

Today, the customers at NexGen services are different and their needs are much more complex. We’ve built upon our private and public IP and Ethernet expertise and evolved our capabilities to continually meet the needs of our customers, both large and small.

"We have transformed NexGen into a business that connects more closely with customers in a highly competitive and changing market place," said Jim Erickson, Senior VP Sales. "Our new brand reflects who we are, the industries we serve and the service that differentiates us. We continue to expand into new markets, have created new products, acquired new capabilities, and developed our technologies - all to ensure we make it easier, faster, and less costly for our customers to communicate and store information."

Although we love technology and have built one of the most advanced networks in the world, what really sets NEXGEN apart is the passionate dedication of our employees to provide our customers with the best experience available.  Whether you call our sales department or speak to our helpdesk, you can always count on top notch expertise and the best experience.

As a result of this process, we have built a new NEXGEN brand that reflects the qualities our company and our employees want the world to know. We’ve created a new brand, designed a new brand identity, and positioned our company and services in a way we believe matters most to our customers – a superior experience.

The new NEXGEN identity is now a more earthly presentation of the previous NEXGEN name - with a new logo in the traditional NEXGEN blues, alongside a sphere-shaped symbol lit with lines that forms a globe, representing NEXGEN's global capabilities to its customers, business partners, and wholesale clients.

Our brand 'Enabling your future' - a bit more customer focused, a lot more specific with links to our future , without forgetting the past vision.’

The company's new website,, also goes live today with the new brand identity and NEXGEN will now start changing the logo on marketing materials and other infrastructure in a transition that's expected to take about 2 months.

We have also incorporated our brand into our services portfolio to show how our capabilities match the key needs of our customers:

o   ETHERNET METRO – Private and Internet connectivity

o   ETHERNET WAN– Wide Area Networking

o   COLOCATION SERVICES – Hosting and IT services

o   WAVELENGTH – Faster application and network performance

o   MPLS WAN – Wide Area or Metro private network

o   SONET/SDH/TDM – Traditional Services

With our new brand in place we are reintroducing the world to who we are. We’re very proud of it. We know our industry is complicated, but at NEXGEN our mission is simple. Deliver the greatest level of customer service on the world’s newest networks.

Welcome to the new NEXGEN – Tomorrows Network Today!

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