Ethernet Private Line Services

Your business needs modern network solutions that power its growth, ensure its security and increase its competitive advantage. NexGen Networks offers Ethernet wide-area network (WAN) services that leverage reliable and ubiquitous Ethernet technologies to give you the efficient, fully restorable and easily managed network you need to streamline operations and seize growth opportunities. Seamlessly extend your Ethernet network beyond your main location with NexGen Networks' Ethernet WAN services.

What Is Ethernet WAN?

Ethernet WAN is a type of wide-area network that enables your business to extend its Ethernet network beyond its location. One common form of Ethernet WAN technology is an Ethernet private line (EPL), which provides a fast, secure and private connection between two locations. It uses a point-to-point Ethernet virtual connection (EVC) between two dedicated user network interfaces. An Ethernet virtual private line (EVPL) does the same with the added ability to provide a point-to-multipoint connection.

Industries Benefiting from Our Solutions

EPL offers the scalable, low-latency connection businesses need to securely transmit data, improve performance and enhance collaboration. Enterprises across multiple industries can benefit from this technology, including:

Financial Institutions

With multiple branch locations.

Health Care Providers

With several clinics and hospitals.

Media Companies

With high bandwidth requirements.

Government Agencies

With various offices and facilities.

Educational Institutions

With remote classrooms and campuses.

Legal Firms

With distributed offices or branches.

Benefits & Advantages of Ethernet Private Line Services

EPL is fast, secure and reliable, bypassing the public internet to ensure consistent connectivity.

Improved Privacy
Improved Privacy with a dedicated bandwidth solely for your business's use.
Enhanced Scalability
Enhanced Scalability that gives you the flexibility to increase bandwidth as you grow.
Streamlined Productivity
Streamlined Productivity with uniform capabilities across your network endpoints.
Increased Savings
Increased savings as you improve efficiency and collaboration.

Our Ethernet Private Lines for Enterprise Businesses

As a trusted Ethernet WAN provider for businesses throughout the world, NexGen Networks offers the experienced, expert network services you need to maximize your technology investments. Our dedicated team will learn about your organization's unique requirements and tailor our services to support your current needs and goals for future growth.

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NexGen Networks' Advanced Ethernet Solutions for Metro Environments

NexGen Networks uses reliable Ethernet technologies to provide seamless layer 2 connectivity. Our EPL service leverages metro Ethernet to deliver cost-effective, fast and secure methods for scaling and upgrading your network. Use our metro Ethernet services in your local metro environment for point-to-point service that can replace your legacy TDM/SONET services or for point-to-multipoint service that can facilitate communication between all your required locations.

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