Certified UTC TaaS

NexGen Certified UTC Time as a Service (Taas)

NexGen's Time as a Service (TaaS) is developed with a certified UTC precise time clock source.

The service can be used for various applications such as an enterprise Network Time source in multiple geographic locations but the service was specifically build for financial community to comply with regulations MiFID II RTS 25 which detail a UTC timing traceability requirement for time stamping, latency monitoring and synchronisation to within 100microseconds for trading events. 

The service provides a certified precise time signal delivered over fibre across the NexGen's global backbone, accurate to within one microsecond. This provides assurance to the financial industry that they can become fully compliant with MiFID II timestamping requirements and eliminate their reliance on GPS, removing susceptibility to jamming, spoofing, urban canyon effects and space weather.

Important Features

• Compliant with MiFID II RTS 25

• 24/7/365 Monitored & managed 

• Eliminates  vulnerabilities

• Uses the NexGen Networks fibre backbone, ensuring maximum resilience and security

• UTC delivered on fibre

• No roof access required

• Built-in redundancy

• Available Europe-wide in multiple locations.



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