An MPLS WAN is a IP VPN premier service offering within the NexGen suite of products. It is the network foundation for which Wide Area Network communications are built. Our customers can converge multiple networks on to our MPLS WAN service. This MPLS WAN Service will allow customers to use a single network for their Data, Voice, Video and business applications. Our MPLS WAN can provide the foundation that connects your datacenters, corporate headquarters, and branch offices to the applications they need.

Choosing between an Internet-based VPN Service or a private MPLS WAN solution for your voice, video and data traffic can be difficult and time consuming. But if you need security & guarantee then an MPLS WAN based IP VPN is the best choice for your enterprise traffic. NexGen Networks MPLS WAN service was built to deliver a secure, any-to-any service offer over a dedicated Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) network. You can also converge and prioritize traffic, so important applications like voice and video are not compromised by applications such as email.
Ethernet Access is used to connect to the NexGen MPLS WAN network. Consolidating all your voice, video, data and other applications on one MPLS-enabled VPN can help streamline management of your infrastructure by giving you a single point of control for all of your critical functions. VPN services can help simplify upgrades and migrations, as they offer flexibility and scale based on your business needs. 
MPLS WAN Service Benefits
- secure networking over a dedicated MPLS core backbone
- Increase application performance by prioritizing network traffic 
- Any to Any deployment and no need to terminate a one location.
- Use existing IP hardware, applications and technologies
- seamless and worry-free 
MPLS WAN Service Features
- Three class of service (CoS) levels 
- Global MPLS WAN IP VPN service 
- Speeds and access options to support a wide range of interfaces.
- Available Managed Services 
- Hybrid Layer 3 IP VPN and Layer 2 Ethernet interworking centers.

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